The Art Of Organization

Residential and commercial complexes demand maintenance, upkeep, and repair across a diverse range of highly-skilled disciplines. Landscaping, plumbing, security, custodial duties– these are just some of the tasks required of property managers, co-op members, and other similar positions. To stay afloat in such a demanding industry, you must be able to identify and retain dependable, responsive and skilled service providers. Knowing what makes a good contractor can mean the difference between smooth sailing and a never-ending whirlpool of problems!

So let us solve one of your problems for you: Pro Co Painting knows that property managers, co-ops and strata boards need skilled painters to make themselves available when needed, execute projects quickly and complete the job fully and effectively. We also know that fair rates and reasonable product costs means you can more easily meet your budget. For these reasons and many more, Pro Co is the perfect answer to your needs here in Edmonton, Regina, or across Western Canada.

Here at Pro Co, our courteous professionals do not cut corners! Every project is executed efficiently and thoroughly from start to finish. This means you can accomplish other tasks, instead of using your valuable time checking up on our painters or making sure the work is finished. Pro Co has skilled crews available to execute projects on tight timelines, no matter the size and scope of your project. Avoid the pressure to trade quality and courtesy for lower costs, we pride ourselves on consummate professionalism at every level of service. Pro Co Painting prioritizes this level of care to create loyal customers who do not hesitate to recommend our services.

Our Process

At Pro Co, we do not believe in blanket or ballpark pricing– our experts know that every project is different! Likewise, we do all our quotes in-person and never over the phone or by email. The Pro Co evaluation method ensures that your quote is as accurate as possible and only includes the services you require. Here are just a few reasons why we believe in our in-person walkthroughs:

  • All projects are unique: evaluating your space beforehand is the only way for a project to stay on or under budget;
  • You get exactly what you want: real-world visual references mean we can create a space tailored to your exact specifications;
  • We want to earn your business: at each walkthrough, clients can look through a portfolio of some of our past projects– complete with testimonials and insurance certificates.

Our in-person quotes take approximately 20 minutes to complete, depending on the size and scope of your needs. At the end of the walkthrough, your Pro Co expert will give you an exact price for your project. Contact Pro Co Painting today to get a complimentary quote on an upcoming project!