Keiko McPherson

Keiko McPherson is one of the business leaders of Pro Co Painting. Keiko is a born and raised Edmontonian and has been running painting businesses for the past 15 years. Keiko has a Bachelor of Commerce degree with a major in Entrepreneurship and Small Business. Her education and hands on business experience has allowed for her painting ventures to thrive.

Keiko first started running a painting business with Student Works Painting in 2008 while studying at the University of Alberta. Keiko worked with Student Works as a franchise operator and as a General Manager from 2008-2015. Throughout that time, she received several recognitions: Rookie of Year (2008), Marketing Award (2008), Producer of the Year (2009), Franchisee of the Year (2009), District Manager of the year (2013). In 2013 Keiko opened up the first Alberta Pro Co Painting franchise in the country, while continuing to work as a General Manager for Student Works Painting. For six years Pro Co Edmonton grew from a six painter operation to a business that employs over 35 painters throughout one year. Keiko’s Pro Co Painting franchise holds several records in Pro Co, including Rookie Record for Sales/Production (2014) and overall record for Franchise Sales/Production (2019).

Pro Co Painting is the next step in Keiko’s business future – with the growth of the franchise it was time to branch off and run a more locally focused Edmonton based business!

Joelene Zakaluzny

Joelene Zakaluzny is one of the business leaders of Pro Co Painting. Joelene is a born and raised farm girl from southern Saskatchewan. Joelene was a hockey athlete and worked several jobs throughout her teenage years. For the past five years Joelene has been working in the painting industry. She got her painting start by working as a Student Works Painting franchisee. Joelene ran a Student Works Painting franchise for three years (2015-2017); one year in Regina and two years in Swift Current. Joelene quickly grew a small summertime franchise in to a large scale successful full-time operation.

Keiko and Joelene met in 2015 as Keiko recruited Joelene to work as a franchisee in Saskatchewan, Keiko was Joelene’s District Manager for Student Works for one full year. Throughout that time the girls developed a healthy working relationship and started a friendship.

At the end of 2017 Joelene was actively looking for a new employment opportunity. The fit was perfect as Keiko was looking to expand her Pro Co Painting franchise and to partner with someone as qualified and hard-working as Joelene. The opportunity was proposed to Joelene and in January of 2018 Joelene moved to Edmonton to help run Pro Co Painting Edmonton.

Joelene’s talent, drive and work ethic allowed Pro Co Edmonton to systemize and grow substantially. 2018 and 2019 were huge growth years for the franchise. This small Edmonton painting business grew in to a mid-size business that is thriving and ready for the next step. Together Keiko and Joelene have partnered to run Pro Co Painting with the goal of becoming to the best painting business in Edmonton!