Icing On The Cake

A pastry chef spends hours baking a cake before completing it with a delicate layer of icing. Just like those sweet geniuses, Pro Co Painting treats our projects in newly constructed spaces with the utmost care and the highest attention to detail. Newly built homes, updated or converted commercial spaces, renovated classics– regardless of the work that came before us, Pro Co applies high-quality paint as the finishing touch to your masterpiece.

Pro Co Painting has worked on dozens of new constructions, renovations and tenant improvement projects across Western Canada and the reviews are in! Homeowners, tenants, property managers, landlords (and everything in between)– Pro Co is 100% committed to customer satisfaction. Our expert staff has long-standing partnerships built on trust with industry-respected contractors and renovation crews. Providing service in Edmonton, Regina, and across Western Canada, examples of our projects include but are not limited to:

  • Luxury home construction;
  • Luxury home “makeover” renovations;
  • Heritage-themed home construction;
  • Daycare centre construction;
  • Retail space modification;
  • Office tenant improvements;
  • Restaurant construction;
  • Kitchen and bathroom renovations;
  • Apartment and multi-unit complex renovations;

We here at Pro Co Painting pride ourselves on our understanding of project flow and the execution of each phase. We have accumulated a team of highly experienced and skilled painters, giving them the mandate to make each project look and feel spectacular for our clients. No Pro Co project is complete until our customer is completely satisfied!

Our Process

At Pro Co, we do not believe in blanket or ballpark pricing– our experts know that every project is different! Likewise, we do all our quotes in-person and never over the phone or by email. The Pro Co evaluation method ensures that your quote is as accurate as possible and only includes the services you require. Here are just a few reasons why we believe in our in-person walkthroughs:

  • All projects are unique: evaluating your space beforehand is the only way for a project to stay on or under budget;
  • You get exactly what you want: real-world visual references mean we can create a space tailored to your exact specifications;
  • We want to earn your business: at each walkthrough, clients can look through a portfolio of some of our past projects– complete with testimonials and insurance certificates.

Our in-person quotes take approximately 20 minutes to complete, depending on the size and scope of your needs. At the end of the walkthrough, your Pro Co expert will give you an exact price for your project. Contact Pro Co Painting today to get a complimentary quote on an upcoming project!