1. How many years of professional painting experience do you have? (required)

    2. What type of painting experience do you have? Be specific in terms of interior, exterior, commercial, residential, spraying and any drywalling experience that you have. (required)

    3. Do you have a drivers license and full time access to a vehicle? yes/no (required)

    4. Do you have first aid certification? yes/no (required)

    5. Do you have active Fall Protection certification? yes/no (required)

    6. Do you have active Aerial Work Platform certification? yes/no (required)

    7. Why do you want to be a painter for Pro Co Painting? (required)

    8. How much do you expect to earn as an hourly rate as a painter? (required)

    9. How many hours a week are expecting to work? (required)

    10. What type of qualities do you have, apart from experience that would make you an asset to our team? (required)

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